PPAS Membership is open to professional photographers and individuals / organizations associated with the field of professional photography.

Joining our ranks as a PPAS member will put a wealth of resources in your reach for your photographic career – from professional equipment support to the industry knowledge and wisdom from older, more established peers.

Being a part of this association is more than just bringing benefits to your business. Individually we are small, but here we are committed to form a strong collective voice that is striving to establish a sustainable and thriving professional photography community, imbuled with good working protocols and ethics for both us and clients, in Singapore and also the rest of the world.

Potential member candidates will be interviewed by 2 or more committee members, so as to ensure that qualified members are capable of delivering a consistent quality of work and also sufficiently equipped to run a sustainable business with integrity and professionalism.



create your own portfolio page to showcase your work

Latest updates

on photography seminars and workshops

Special Discounts

for workshops and seminars, and from participating supporting businesses


legal and insurance resources for the photography trade, plus access to business grant advisors

Instant Network

of industry equipment suppliers and service providers


from the experience of established peers

Social Members

Casual/freelance photographers without a registered business

Application Fee: $60

You get:

  • Access to special deals and discounts on training workshops and equipment normally limited to the professional circle only
  • Direct access to mentors for those who are exploring the possibility of joining the professional photography industry
  • Invitations to PPAS social events
  • Can apply to become a PPAS listed professional photographer through business practice and portfolio review

*Non-voting membership

Applicants should have:

  • A keen interest in photography
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Professional Photographers

with minimum 70% photography-derived income

Application Fee: $60
Annual Fee: $120/year 
(Currently waived for Singaporean/PR)
Featured Portfolio: $120/year (optional)

The Full Membership Application is being put on hold at the moment pending the Committee’s Update on membership protocols.

Please check back later

You get:

  • Listing on the PPAS Professional Photographers Directory
  • Ability to sign up for the PPAS Featured Portfolio
  • Access to updated business practices
  • Access to huge pool of production resources
  • Strong support from fellow professionals

Applicants must have:

  • A professional portfolio of works
  • A Singapore-registered, photography-based ACRA business profile

*Membership is subject to approval from committee

On Hold


Businesses associated to professional photography

Joining Fee: $60
Annual Fee: $120/year
Featured Portfolio: $120/year (mandatory except for production assistants)

You get:

  • Access to discounted advertising rates on PPAS.SG
  • Be the preferred choice of professional looking for equipment or production services

Applicants must be:

  • A photography related business/service provider
  • Or if you are a production assistant / crew
  • Recommended by a full-fledged PPAS Photographer member
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