Becoming a Full Member of PPAS means you are a true professional – that you earn a living from your photography skills.

Application Requirements

To become a Full Member, you must complete the application below. Please prepare a folder with a shareable link (Dropbox, Google Drive, or similar. For security you may password protect the file or link and send the password separately to containing the following:

  1. 20 digital images for assessment (The portfolio assessment will be in accordance to these criteria, so do take note)
    • Images must be from at least 4 separate paid assignments. You may also include a maximum of 4 personal work
    • Images must be ≥3000pixels on the short edge (e.g. 4500*3000px), with a sRGB or Adobe RGB colour profile
    • Image files can be in any picture file format, but maximum quality JPEGs are preferred
    • Image filenames to be numbered 1-20 (1.jpg; 2.jpg; and so on)
  2. A copy of your ACRA business profile with your signature, or for photographers under employment, a copy of a letter of appointment and professional CV
  3. A short description of your photography-based business, indicating your genre/disciplines, equipment, current insurances, and anything other information that would help us assess your application better
  4. An ID photo

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Upon completion of assessment by the PPAS Committee, you will be notified of the results via email. If your application is successful, you will need to pay the annual membership fee of S$120 before your account is upgraded.

*If you are not a Singapore citizen/permanent resident, you will be listed as an Affiliate Member (same benefits as a Full Member, but without voting rights in AGM and policy changes).