Full/Affiliate PPAS Members now get Worldwide Professional Indemnity Insurance

What’s going on?
Full and Affiliate Members of the PPAS are now insured up to S$1,000,000 for Professional Indemnity as part of their membership package. After months of sourcing and negotiation with various insurance companies, we’ve finally found a good solution tailored to members of our profession. 

What is it?
This insurance protects the photographer from loss or damage relating to professional photography services. It covers many areas that professional photographers are vulnerable to, including penalty fees from job delays or loss arising from intellectual property infringements, etc. See below for full coverage details.

Why do we need it?
Ask any veteran in our field and they will likely agree that professional indemnity insurance is a vital part of the business. In essence, it covers loss resulting from contractual disputes. 

For example, if you get sued for something that happened in the course of your work (or resulting from it), this insurance covers the damages and legal fees that you would have to pay if you lose the case.

It’s no surprise how little we are in control of, so it’s better to have some protection when a crisis hits, especially if we run our own business. 

Why is this a big deal?
Because it’s as good as getting a 94% discount off an essential business cost. One would normally expect to pay around S$2,000 annually for similar coverage, but now, our Full/Affiliate Members get coverage just by renewing their annual membership fee of S$120. 

Peace of mind for only thirty cents a day. 

Furthermore, members get access to our collective experience in dispute resolution as well. If it happened to you, it probably happened to one of us too. We can help.

This is a WIN for the PPAS and is something the committee has laboured long and hard to procure.

How much is Full Membership and how do I qualify?
Membership annual fees for Full/Affiliate Members are currently S$120. To become Full/Affiliate Members, the applicant must show a credible level of proficiency in both photography and business practices. Applicants must provide a portfolio of works as well as business documents for review. Find out more about the perks of membership at https://ppas.sg/join/

What to do if I need to make a claim?
Contact the PPAS membership team by email or PM us through our social media channels

What if I’m not sure whether my case can be covered?
Contact the PPAS membership team by email or PM us through our social media channels.

What is the Excess Fee?
The excess fee is S$2,500 for any claim up to S$1,000,000, or whatever the insured sum is. This is an aggregate insured sum, meaning the sum is shared among all insured members. For example, if one of our members successfully claims SGD200,000 then the insured sum will be adjusted to SGD800,000 for the remaining insured period.

Note: Worldwide excluding U.S.A. and Canada (most worldwide PI insurances do not automatically cover these two countries)

What are the Insurance Details?
Policy Type: Professional Indemnity
Limit of Liability: SGD1,000,000 any one claim or in the aggregate 
Defense Costs: Part of the limit of indemnity
Excess: SGD2,500 Each and every claim

Sub limits of Liability:

CoverageSub LimitExcess
Section 1 Insuring AgreementFull LimitSGD2,500
Section 2 Automatic Extensions
2.1 Vicarious LiabilityFull LimitSGD2,500
2.2 DefamationFull LimitSGD2,500
2.3 Intellectual PropertyFull LimitSGD2,500
2.4 Dishonest or Fraudulent EmployeesFull LimitSGD2,500
2.5 Loss of DocumentsSGD100,000Nil
2.6 Compensation for AttendanceSGD100,000Nil
2.7 Quasi JudicialSGD100,000SGD2,500
2.8 Fair Trading ActFull LimitSGD2,500
2.9 Continuous CoverFull LimitSGD2,500
2.10 Estate ExtensionFull LimitSGD2,500
2.11 Marital and Domestic PartnerFull LimitSGD2,500
2.12 Loss MitigationSGD10,000SGD2,500
2.13 Joint Ventures and PartnershipsFull LimitSGD2,500
2.14 Contractual LiabilityFull LimitSGD2,500
2.15 Claims Preparation CostsSGD25,000Nil
2.16 Cyber LiabilityFull LimitSGD2,500
2.17 Emergency Defense CostsSGD25,000SGD2,500
2.18 Extended Reporting PeriodFull LimitSGD2,500
2.19 Fee Refund / Contractual FeesSGD10,000SGD2,500
2.20 Licensee Intellectual Property RightsFull LimitSGD2,500
2.21 Patent ExtensionNot ApplicableNot Applicable
2.22 Project DelayFull LimitSGD2,500
2.23 Public Relations ExpensesSGD50,000SGD2,500
2.24 Automatic RenewalNot ApplicableNot Applicable
2.25 Additional InsuredNot ApplicableNot Applicable

Extended Reporting Period: 50%
Territory: Worldwide
Jurisdiction: Worldwide excluding USA/Canada
Policy Wording: Delta Professional Indemnity Insurance 2017
Currency: SGD
Underwriters: Allied World Lloyd’s Syndicate 2232
Endorsements: Defense Costs Amendment Endorsement