PPAS Synology NAS and HDD Mass Order

In the modern digital era, loss of important data is one of the most feared situations for anyone, especially professionals like yourself. Harddisk failures are more common than ever and it’s extremely scary (not to mention troublesome) to manage our gigantic archive of images using separate independent disk drives.

PPAS has reached out to Memory World to secure a super exclusive killer deal on Synology NAS and Harddisk drives.

Do grab this chance to build a more secure image library!

All purchases of NAS comes with complimentary installation of add-ons and Harddrives (if needed) and also 8hours of Teamviewer support for Memory World to do remote configuration of the NAS to your requirements.

Mass order extended! Take advantage of it while it lasts!


  • 7200RPM 256MB CACHE ST14000VN0008 14TB $ 650.00
  • 7200RPM 256MB CACHE ST12000VN0008 12TB $ 550.00
  • 7200RPM 256MB CACHE ST10000VN0004 10TB $ 415.00
  • 7200RPM 256MB CACHE ST8000VN0022 8TB $ 318.00
  • 7200RPM 256MB CACHE ST6000VN0033 6TB $ 245.00
  • 5900RPM 64MB CACHE ST4000VN008 4TB $ 160.00

Western Digital RED NAS HDD (3yrs Warranty)

  • 5400RPM 256MB CACHE WD100EFAX 10TB $ 425.00
  • 5400RPM 256MB CACHE WD80EFAX 8TB $ 325.00
  • 5400RPM 64MB CACHE WD60EFAX 6TB $ 248.00
  • 5400RPM 64MB CACHE WD40ERFX 4TB $ 155.00

Western Digital ULTRASTAR Enterprise HDD (5yrs Warranty)

  • 7200RPM 256MB CACHE 0F31284 14TB $ 800.00
  • 7200RPM 256MB CACHE 0F30144 12TB $ 600.00
  • 7200RPM 256MB CACHE 0F27452 10TB $ 529.00
  • 7200RPM 256MB CACHE 0B36404 8TB $ 499.00
  • 7200RPM 256MB CACHE 0B36039 6TB $ 299.00
  • 7200RPM 256MB CACHE 0B36404 4TB $ 249.00

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