The “F” Word



On August 1st, the PPAS in partnership with PSS (Photographic Society of Singapore) organised a talk about the ‘F’ word – Freelancer. The main speakers were Jeremiah Choy, Kevin Ou, and we had support from Law Society Pro Bono Services (LSPBS), IMDA and NTUC.

The 2-hour talk was in full-attendance and was an eye-opener to many – even some professionals.

 Jeremiah’s presentation had many nuggets of good advice and the key takeaway boiled down to being a disciplined professional – as if one was working for a company.

Kevin Ou’s presentation touched on how the business landscape was changing and how freelancers have to adapt quickly to the big changes occurring – the market is becoming direct to customers. Business models are changing but the key fightback was to be creative, not reactive.

Claudine, Assistant-Director of Law Society talked about the book that they had put out with support from NTUC and creative-industry professionals called Advocates of the Arts. This book expresses legal concepts simply and clearly and provides useful information for readers about benefits and rights and even allows them to put together a do-it-yourself contract.

Grace Dong of IMDA presented a Standard that was put together by IMDA, MOM, NTUC and SNEF. The TS Media Freelancers Standard sets out industry best practices that encourages fair and progressive workplaces that supports and protects media freelancers.

We were also fortunate to have Mr Ang Hin Kee, Assistant Director General of NTUC and director of UFSE, NTUC’s initiative for Freelancers and Self-Employed persons sit on the Q&A panel. Mr Ang talked about a potential rollout of a new insurance scheme targeted at benefitting and protecting freelance professionals. 

It was a good deal of pertinent information to digest and this certainly won’t be the last ‘F’ Word presentation that the PPAS will be hosting.

Join the PPAS and lend your voice and contributions to help grow and protect our industry of photographic professionals.